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Mania Mavro was an Ukrainian painter and graphic artist from Odessa. She lived in Paris in the early 1910s, and finally settled there in 1920 as a number of Jewish artists. Traveled to France, Belgium, Italy, worked in Sicily.

In 1915 she participated in the 25th TURX exhibition in Odessa, presenting three Brittany studies and a portrait. In 1911–1914 she exhibited in the salon of the Society of French artists, in 1921–1945 (intermittently) - in the Autumn Salon and the Tuileries Salon. She has held solo exhibitions in Paris galleries Feuillets d’Art (1919), Georges Petit (1924), Galerie André (1925), Bernheim-Cadet (1929), Loup Blanc (1930). She painted landscapes, portraits and nudes in a post-impressionist manner, was engaged in lithography and stained glass.

Mania Mavro

August 24, 1889
Odessa, Ukraine
January 14, 1969



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