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Mania Mavro was a Greek painter, born in Odessa on August 24th, 1889. She came from a family of prominent merchants, who settled in Odessa in the 19th century under the family name Mavro (which means black in the Greek language).

Mania Mavro belongs to the School of Paris, known as Ecole de Paris, a group of non-French innovators of modern art who worked in Paris at the beginning of the 20 century. She is also associated with the School of Crozant, named after the French municipality of Crozant and consisting of a group of landscape painters.

She lived in Paris in the early 1910s, and finally settled there in 1920 as a number of Jewish artists. Traveled to France, Belgium, Italy, worked in Sicily.

In 1915 she participated in the 25th TURX exhibition in Odessa, presenting three Brittany studies and a portrait. In 1911–1914 she exhibited in the salon of the Society of French artists, in 1921–1945 (intermittently) - in the Autumn Salon and the Tuileries Salon. She has held solo exhibitions in Paris galleries Feuillets d’Art (1919), Georges Petit (1924), Galerie André (1925), Bernheim-Cadet (1929), Loup Blanc (1930). She painted landscapes, portraits and nudes in a post-impressionist manner, was engaged in lithography and stained glass.

Mania Mavro died on January 17, 1969 in France.

Mania Mavro biography

August 24, 1889
Odessa, Ukraine
January 14, 1969



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