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Pavlos Pantelakis (1914-1973) was a recognized painter from the island of Hydra in Greece.

After starting out as a student at the Athens School of Fine Arts, he completed his training at the Paris School of Fine Arts.

Once returned to his native country, he took charge of the Hydra School of Fine Arts and contributed to the preservation of the island's heritage. For seventeen years he was the director of the branch of the School . From this position, but also as the curator of antiquities, he often intervened to prevent the invasion of modernist elements in the architecture of the island. Giving solutions to every building, urban planning, architectural problem that arose, he contributed decisively to the preservation of what was considered traditional.

He presented his work in solo exhibitions (Goldberg Cairo 1942, Zappeion 1948, Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce 1949, Mytilene City Hall 1950, Atelier Alexandria 1951, Hellenic Center Cairo 1971, posthumously Antinor 1983) and took part in group exhibitions. He painted murals at the University of Thessaloniki, at the Monastery of Ag. Georgiou, in Cairo, in the Diocese of Hydra and in the Patriarchate of Alexandria. He was a member of EETE.

Pavlos Pantelakis biography

1914 - 1973



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