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Malab'Art, a gallery of exceptional artists

From Eastern Europe to Paris

Malab'Art is a platform showcasing art of the 20th century. The platform is dedicated to shedding light on overlooked and underestimated artists of the 20th century. 


Malab'Art has a strong focus on the School of Paris (Ecole de Paris), on works of Ukrainian, Russian and Jewish artists who came to the capital of France in three waves of emigration: before World War I, in the interwar period, and after 1945. All of them found themselves in Paris – the world art capital of the time, attracting artists from many countries by its embrace of artistic expressions. 


For over 15 years, Malab'Art Gallery has proudly presented and promoted the remarkable legacy of Alexis Gritchenko. We have published the first in-depth monograph "Dynamocolour" (2017) on his body of work and organised exhibitions and presentations in Kyiv, London, and Paris.


Malab'Art showcases a wide range of artists from various schools and movements, including Avant-garde, Primitivism, Neoclassicism, Post-war Abstractionism, and Art Informel. While paintings remain our primary focus, we also exhibit various mediums such as graphics, engravings, collages, and sculptures.


Malab'Art Gallery operates through a combination of online platforms and physical exhibitions.

All of the artwork on display at Malab'Art is available for purchase. Please get in touch with us for additional details:
+44 75 72 03 12 75

Alexis Gritchenko

Gritchenko Dynamocolor monograph

Malab'art is focused not only on famous painters, it sets an objective to return undeservedly forgotten names to the public. Works of many of them have found its place in private collections of Ukrainian and Russian diaspora, the collectors buying and supporting the artists after World War II. One of those doubtlessly talented painter, art critic, explorer icon and creator of one of the directions of the avant-garde (tsvetodynamos, colordynamics), was Alexis Gritchenko from Ukraine (1883-1977), whose creativity included Moscow avant-garde period (1908-1919), Constantinople and greek cycles of watercolours and gouaches (1919-1923), as well as a lot of paintings in Ecole de Paris style.

Malab'art would be delighted to announce that a large scientific monograph "Alexis Gritchenko Dynamocolor" by Vita Susak, is now published.




Malab’Art showcases the members of the School of Paris, Ecole De Paris, with a remarkable diversity of artists, with an emphasis on artists from Eastern Europe. Additionally, artists connected with residence La Ruche in the Montparnasse which nurtured the artistic pursuits of around fifty of them, who eventually emerged as the greatest figures in 20th-century art history.


Malab’Art presents a collection of Art Informel, an abstract painting from the 1940s-1950s including tendencies such as tachisme and lyrical abstraction, which are characterised by improvisatory gestural technique, as well as American Abstract Impressionism and Soviet Nonconformist Art. Beyond paintings, there is a diverse range of mediums, including graphics, engravings, collages, and sculptures.


Zack Composition 1961


Canal Building, flat 70A

135 Shepherdess Walk 

London N1 7RR
United Kingdom

+44 75 72 03 12 75


By appointment only


NOVEMBER 28, 2017

Gritchenko Dynamocolor monograph

Alexis Gritchenko Dynamocolor launched in London

On 28th November, the team of the Russian Art and Culture and Malabart gallery celebrated the London launch of Dynamocolor


And on 30th November, at the Shevchenko Library & Archive, London, Notting Hill
Read more (in Ukrainian)...

APRIL 12-13, 2013

Gritchenko exhibition Paris

An Alexis Gritchenko exhibition in Paris

In the time of French Spring in Ukraine, a small but significant event was taking place in the capital of France

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